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How To Get The BACK Button On Your Android Phone

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If you’ve purchased a newer Android phone that has Android 10 or newer and noticed that the bottom horizontal bar on the screen, which houses the back button, home button and app list button, is gone, you may feel unsure about how to navigate your new phone.

By default, new Android phones come with Gesture Control enabled, which allows for screen gesture motions to navigate around the phone. If you prefer the older system with a static bottom navigation bar, which includes the back button, and home button, follow the steps below to change it from Gesture Control to 3 Button control.

How To Enable Home Button & Back Button On Android Phones
How To Enable Home Button & Back Button On Android Phones

Keep in mind that different phones will have this setting in other setting areas, but the setting will be there somewhere if you are using Android 10 or newer. You may have to hunt for a few seconds more to find it.

1) Tap the Settings icon on your phone. It can be found in your app list.

2) Once in the Settings area, check under Gesture or Accessibility or Display. (it varies by phone)

3) Find any mention of Gesture Control or Navigation Control.

4) Change from Gesture navigation to 3-button navigation, and you’re done!

Keep in mind that the steps will vary for your phone, but you need to browse around until you find the Gesture Control or Navigation Control area on your phone, which will be buried somewhere in the settings menu. Don’t give up, you can disable gesture control or swipe controls by searching a little around in the settings if you are using Android 10, 11 or 12.

Good luck!


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