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Rode Wireless GO White Mic Review – Great Sound & Range


Price / Value
85 %
Build Quality
100 %
100 %
Sound Clarity
100 %
Battery Life
100 %
100 %

If you are looking for the best sound quality in a wireless microphone system, you don’t need to look further than the Rode Wireless GO Compact Mic system!

Don’t like reading? Check out my video review on YouTube instead.

Technical Specs

✅ Type: Omni-directional microphone
✅ Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 kHz
✅ Dynamic Range:100dB
✅ Battery with up to 7 hours battery life
✅ Max. Operating Range: 70 meters / 230 feet (with a clear line of sight)
✅ Audio Connector Input: TRS or TRRS cable (use with a camera or cellphone)
✅ Transmitter Mic Unit Weight: 31 grams
✅ Mic Dimensions: 44mm Long x 46mm High x 18½mm Wide
✅ Gain Adjustment: 0dB, -12dB, -24dB
✅ 128 Bit Encryption
✅ 2.4 Ghz Range

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Package Contents & Build Quality

rode wireless go package contents includes
White Rode Wireless GO System – Package Contents

In the package, you get both the receiver and transmitter unit, of course. As well, you get two wind muffs or shields, two USB type C charging cables, a 3.5 mm TRS cable and a carrying pouch.

Rode Wireless GO Transmitter & Receiver Units
White Rode Wireless GO Transmitter & Receiver Units

The units are well made and feel very sturdy. There is no play with trying to get them to flex. The front surface is shiny and reflects lights, as shown in the overhead shot I took above. I didn’t notice too many fingerprints, but my model is white, so I’m sure the black version will show prints easier.

Rode Wireless GO Exterior Features

Rode Transmitter Unit

The transmitter unit comes in at 31 grams and has a power button on the unit’s bottom. There is a USB type C charging port on one side. There is a 3.5 mm audio input for a lavalier mic on the top of the unit, a built-in mic you do not want to use a lav mic, and LED indicator lights to show a paired connection and battery status. On the back of the unit, there is a spring-loaded clip to attach it.

Rode Receiver Unit

The receiver also weighs 31 grams. The power button is located at the top of this unit instead of the bottom. One side has a USB type C charging port and a 3.5 mm audio input for the TRS cable that connects to your camera or device. On the top of the unit are two buttons to adjust the dB level and to ensure pairing. However, I have not had to use the pairing button, as the units always connect automatically when both are turned on.

The receiver unit also has a helpful display screen that shows the following information:

  • battery level for both units
  • the connection strength
  • the dB adjustment level
  • real-time audio levels
Rode Wireless GO Exterior

Features & Setup

The best part about using this system is that everything connects automatically and quickly as soon as you turn it on. As well, having the screen on the receiver unit is handy to get a quick read on battery levels and real-time audio levels to ensure that you aren’t speaking too loud or too quietly. Of course, if you have the receiver unit mounted horizontally on your camera’s hot shoe, you will not see this information. However, if you mount it vertically on a cage with the clip, then you can see the screen easily.

Audio Example

Unedited audio from the Rode Wireless GO – time-stamped:

The sound is great out of the box. The audio in the clip above was not modified in any way. It came from a Sony A7iii with the recording level set to 12 in the camera settings. The sound is clear, clean and without any delay.

Unique Feature

This system has that I did not notice with other systems because it offers 128-bit audio encryption. So if privacy and confidentiality are of concern to you, this is the system for you.

Audio Adjustments

On the receiver unit, there is a button to adjust the dB in these increments: 0dB, -6dB, -12dB.

Range Test

The Rode Wireless GO system is rated for 230 feet or 70 meters. I tested this, and it did deliver without issue as long as I maintained a clear line of sight. As well, I did not experience any signal drops or choppy audio when my body was turned away from the receiver until I was around 40 to 50 feet away. However, as soon as my body faced the receiver, there were zero signal drops.

Range test here – time-stamped:

In comparison, when I tested the LensGO LWM-318C, I experienced audio drops as soon as my body was turned away from the receiver within the first 10 feet or so. However, with a clear line of sight there were no issues with both of these systems.

Battery Life & Charging

The units are rated for up to 7 hours of battery life, but I have not run them for 7 hours continuously to test this. At most, I’ve run them for 5 hours with no issues. Charging the units only takes between an hour to 2 hours at most. I usually charge them when they are at half capacity, so I charge for about an hour.

White Rode Wireless GO Mic System

Summing Up

Well, from my testing, you can’t go wrong with this system. Sure, there are cheaper options out there, but they may have range limitations, cloudy audio, etc. This system offers great wireless and portable solution in one package.

At 31 grams, it can be a bit heavy to clip to a thin fabric shirt, so clipping it on a lanyard is a good option if you do not want to run a wired lav mic with it. I found that the audio sounded so well and without connection issues that I altogether avoid the use of a wired lav mic with it.

Stellar battery life, decent charging times and a live display for battery levels and audio levels make this an excellent option for pretty much everyone. I highly recommend it. Looking for a cheaper option? Check out my review of the LensGo LWM-318 Wireless Lav System.

If you want to see a comparison between the LensGo Wireless system and the Rode system, it can be found here:

If there is anything that I missed in the review, or if you have any questions that I did not cover, please leave a comment below.

Some links may be referral links, which means I earn a small commission for qualifying sales. There is no additional cost to you.


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