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Blink Camera With Sync Module Review


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Don’t like reading? Check out my video review on YouTube instead.

Check out my video review on YouTube.

With the rise of porch pirate stories out there and my increased rate of online ordering, I figured it was time to have some system to let me know when my packages arrived. Delivery drivers do not always ring the bell when they make a delivery, so I wanted a simple-to-use system that instantly alerts me when someone is in front of my door. The Blink video doorbell with sync module does exactly what I needed it to do. See if it’s worth it for you too.

Blink Video Doorbell With Sync Module
Blink Video Doorbell With Sync Module

Package Contents

In the box, you get pretty much everything needed to set up the Blink doorbell camera & Sync module except a screwdriver and a USB drive if you plan to use local storage. However, here is what you can expect in the box:

  • Blink video doorbell camera
  • Water-resistant backplate cover
  • Camera wedge (use is optional)
  • Sync module
  • Power brick for the sync module
  • USB power cable for the sync module
  • 2X AA lithium batteries
  • Mounting screws
  • Backplate opener tool
blink video doorbell package contents unbox
Blink Video Doorbell – Package Contents

Blink Camera Build Quality

The Blink camera has excellent build quality. There are no loose areas, creaking or gaps when pressure is applied. The only nitpick I have is that attaching the backplate is not the most effortless process and takes some effort. The unit isn’t too heavy either, even with batteries inserted, so a good quality adhesive strip can be used instead of screws if you like.

Blink Camera & Sync Module Setup

The first-time setup is relatively straightforward once the Blink app is downloaded. Since I bought the Blink doorbell with the Sync module, the first option on the Blink app is to add the Sync module. The QR code sticker on the back of the sync module is scanned through the app, then automatically paired after a minute or so. You will be prompted to create a name for the network. Next, you are prompted to connect to your WiFi network. After I inputted my WiFi password into the app, the Sync module’s firmware was automatically updated.

Blink Video Doorbell With Sync Module - Pictured Without Backplate
Blink Video Doorbell With Sync Module – Pictured Without Backplate
Blink Sync Module Showing USB Port For Local Storage and Micro USB Port For Power
Blink Sync Module Showing USB Port For Local Storage and Micro USB Port For Power

After the Sync module was added, I scanned the QR sticker on the back of the Blink camera and waited for it to pair. I added the Blink camera to the same network name I created for the Sync module. At this point, the setup can be over if you choose to pay for Amazon’s Cloud subscription to store video files and access live and recorded video feeds. When I had the free trial, the maximum time that video clips could be saved online was 60 days before they are automatically deleted. However, if you plan on using local storage after the Cloud subscription ends, then read on.

Check Blink Local USB Storage On App
Check Blink Local USB Storage On App

Sync Module & Local Storage

I planned on using only local storage to avoid paying for a monthly cloud subscription plan, so I inserted a 64 GB USB drive into the Sync module. Once inserted, the app will alert you that you need to format the USB drive to allow recordings to it.

The Sync module accepts USB drives up to 256 GB. The video files are around 1 MB when the clip length is around 10 seconds, and the quality is set to standard to best, so a 128 GB or 256 GB drive will hold quite a large number of clips before it fills up. Of course, if you set your recording length to 30 seconds and disable ending end recordings when motion stops, you will see larger file sizes.

I did not see an option anywhere in the app settings to enable recording over older video files or to auto delete older files from local storage like was available for cloud storage. I also did not see an option to format the USB drive manually while it is plugged into the Sync module. I believe that the user will have to periodically check the USB storage manually and format the USB drive when it is full.

I noticed an option in the notification alerts about storage, so whenever my USB drive is near full, I hope it will send an alert through the app. Anyways, it’s easy to check the storage from the app within a few seconds. Still, it’d be nice if the Sync module was able to overwrite older files automatically.

Blink App Settings

The Blink app has a decent amount of settings to customize the doorbell camera for most users’ needs. I only ended up adjusting the sensitivity down to 4 from the default setting of 5, which caused the camera to trigger every time a car drove by.

I also later increased the clip length to 30 seconds, disabled the option to stop recordings early if motion stops, and set the video quality to “Best.” Initially, I was trying to strike a balance between battery life and video clips. However, after seeing how small the video files were and the ease of replacing the batteries, I just maxed out those settings for better peace of mind.

Btw, if you know that you’ll be in front of the camera for a while, and you don’t want to be bombarded with app notifications of motion detected, you can easily disable the motion detection feature by tapping on the motion detection icon on the app’s home screen.

Blink App Settings Menu
Blink App Settings Menu

Blink Doorbell Installation

Blink doorbell installation
Blink Doorbell Installation

The package comes with the necessary screws to securely mount the doorbell to the screwed-in backplate. I’m lazy, so I used a pretty strong adhesive strip I bought, applied it to the rear of the backplate, and stuck it to the left side of my double door that I never open. Since I only use the right-side door, the camera can continue to record with the recording viewing angle being changed. If you only have one door, perhaps you can try to mount the doorbell to the door frame if the frame is wide enough. If you mount it to the door directly, any time you open the door, the recording field of view will capture some of the interior of your home as the door opens inwards. If this doesn’t bother you, great!

Also, take notice that wiring the doorbell only allows you to wire it to your existing door chime so you can hear whenever someone presses the doorbell button on the Blink unit. The wiring process does not supply power to the Blink unit. The Blink unit will always require 2X AA batteries.

Blink App Notifications

The Blink system requires WiFi to work. Blink recommends a 2.4 GHz network with at least 2Mb upload speed. Of course, if you are maxing out your bandwidth downloading, streaming, etc., then the live video feeds or alerts may be delayed or result in choppy video and audio playback.

Blink App Notification Alert
Blink App Notification Alert

My internet plan has around 100 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload, so I receive app notifications within 1 or 2 seconds of motion in front of the camera.

Live Video & Audio Quality & Video Playback

It takes around 5 seconds to pull up the live video feed with audio whenever I get an app notification on my phone. A better WiFi connection and speed could drop that time lower, maybe.

Pulling up historical video clips for review through the Blink app takes a little longer to access video files from the local USB storage drive. When reviewing video clips, there is an option to download them to your device or to share them with others. Since the video files are pretty small, this option works great.

The video quality is decent when the video recording quality is set to “Best” in the Blink app. If you’d like to see a quick 15-second clip of the video playback, please click this link: https://youtu.be/d8fVdx7ngqc?t=567

The audio is not the greatest quality with this system. While you can have a two-way live conversation using the Tap to talk feature, the audio sometimes sounds warbling or tinny. This area could be improved in the next generation, but I assume they are trying to strike a balance between audio quality and water resistance, maybe?

Blink Video Quality Day Night
Blink Video Quality – Day & Night Screenshot

Is It Worth It?

I definitely think the Blink system is worth it IF you also purchase the Sync module to accompany it. Without the Sync module, the Blink unit lacks features as a standalone doorbell camera, especially if you do not have a cloud subscription plan. I’m not a fan of most subscription plans, so I’m happy with the ability to record clips locally and access them from within the app.

With a decent WiFi connection, app notifications appear on my phone within seconds of motion being detected. However, pulling up live video feeds takes around 5 seconds. Perhaps with a better WiFi speed and a faster phone, this can be lowered? The video quality is good enough to make out faces. While you can have conversations through the tap to talk feature, the audio quality is not the best I’ve heard.

The battery life is rated for around 2 years with default settings applied and normal usage conditions. I’m guessing if this is placed outside of a business where there is a lot of coming and going or foot traffic, that wouldn’t constitute normal usage conditions. I’ll update this review whenever the battery life runs out to give a better idea of battery life with my above default app settings.

If you’re looking for a simple-to-use system, which requires no complex wiring or network configuration, this is an excellent option!

Btw, if you are having issues with your Blink system, check out the official Blink FAQ here.

Did I miss something in my review? Do you have any unanswered questions? Let me know in the comments below, or leave a comment on my YouTube video and I will do my best to answer it 🙂

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