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BESSERITE Heated Vest Review


Price / Value
100 %
90 %
100 %
Heating Performance
100 %

With Winter on the way and living in Canada, it’s just a matter of time until I’ll be out shoveling snow in the morning and cleaning my car before I get started with my day.

Package Contents

In the package, you get the heated vest, a generous 10,000 mAh power bank and a USB Type-C charging cable for the power bank.

Besserite Heated Vest
Besserite Heated Vest
Besserite Heated Vest Power Bank
Besserite Heated Vest Power Bank

Fit & Comfort

The overall quality of the heated vest is excellent. The material found on both the inside and outside is soft to touch and feels lovely against the skin. I ordered a large, and it fits comfortably on me. I ordered a large one because I knew I would wear it with a sweater underneath, and there is enough room to wear the vest over a sweater. Because of the sleeveless design, I can easily move around without restrictions, even with a sweater worn under. For context, I’m 5’11 or 180 cm and around 175 lbs or 80 kgs.

Besserite Heated Vest - Exterior
Besserite Heated Vest – Exterior
Besserite Heated Vest - Interior
Besserite Heated Vest – Interior

Pockets & Storage

In terms of pockets, there are two outer pockets for your hands, which come in handy because two of the four heating elements are located where the right and left hand sits in the pockets.

The inside of the vest has two inside pockets. One pocket has a velcro closure, which can be used to store a phone. There is a second inside pocket located near the bottom front jacket behind where the left-hand pocket is. This is a zippered pocket, which has a cable that is used to plug in the power bank. Once the power bank is plugged in, it can be stored securely by zipping the pocket up.

Set Up & Heating Performance

There are a total of 4 heating zones. Two heating zones are located in the right and left-hand pockets. The third heating zone is located in the upper back area, and the last heating zone is in the collar / neck area.

Besserite Heated Vest With Power Bank
Besserite Heated Vest With Power Bank
Besserite Heated Vest Power Bank
Besserite Heated Vest Power Bank – 10,000 mAh

The vest can be set up by simply connecting the power bank to the cable in the inside pocket that is connected to three heating elements in the vest. Once connected, a simple press of the power button on the front left breast of the vest starts the warming up process. Once the vest reaches the preset warming level, the temperature can be changed by pressing the same button to cycle through heating modes.

Heated Vest - 3 Temperature Modes
Besserite Heated Vest – 3 Temperature Modes

Here are the temperature increments:

  • Blue Light – 104 °F / 40 °C
  • Green Light – 122 °F / 50 °C
  • Red Light – 140 °F / 60 °C

Is It Worth It?

If you’re constantly feeling cold, whether indoors or outdoors, this is a great option. I’ve actually worn it indoors in the early morning, too, because it’s so comfortable that I don’t really notice it. It’s warm enough that I wear it with just a t-shirt indoors. It’s worth the price and comfort. It’s great having the option to cycle through modes and can come in handy if your car has no heated seats or heated backrest.

Another bonus is that you can use the power bank to charge your phone in a pinch. The small form factor of the power bank isn’t really noticeable. While the weight of the power bank is a good weight, it doesn’t weigh the vest down disproportionately on the side pocket where it sits.

It makes a great gift, too, if you have a friend or family member who is constantly complaining that it’s cold.

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  1. My comment isnt the best ,wore mine yesterday for first time ,half way thru the day stopped working have been on internet and walmart to find exra battery to keep on hand cant find one with plug in component same as mine see Amazon has tons but none with plug in the same. If anyone out there has one that they found else where clue me in as where and stock number..

    • Hey James, so I didn’t see an exact replacement for the Besserite vest, but other heated jacket power banks may work as long as they have a round power input like this one: (Affiliate Link). You could buy it and see if the connector fits properly. Unfortunately, it may take some trial and error because most of these power banks do not specify the power port diameter to compare.

  2. My vest has stopped working, hasn’t for a few months now. Vest was purchased a November 23, 2021.
    I don’t even wear it for work just around the house. When you factor in the summer months that’s about half a year of use before it quit. Battery’s fine, I can charge my phone on it.
    Thought I might try and get a replacement. Tried to contact the distributor or at least the company that invoiced us. Sold By “A Custom Space LLC in Boynton Beach Fl.” I can see their office on Google Maps. Wondered what the designation LLC meant. Looked it up. Limited Liability Company – speaks volumes. I wouldn’t recommend this brand buy something that has a name on it like Milwaukee.
    I think it’s the switch. You can buy them online cheap. Rather doing that I’m considering buying a 3 way pull switch same as you’ll find for adjusting the speed of a ceiling fan. Drilling a hole through the plastic of the vest switch. I think it will work.
    It’ll be a conversation piece when people ask “what’s with the chain” it will be a fine lead in into talking about the product.

    • Hey Joe, it is possible to use a different power bank with the vest. So you could order a second third-party power bank to use when the original one runs out of power. You could even buy a larger capacity battery/power bank like 20,000 mAh. Amazon has tons of options to choose from.

    • Hi Terry, hmm that’s strange. So you’re saying every time you turn it on the first time, it automatically shuts off, then you have to turn it back on a second time, and it stays on normally the second time?


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