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Comica V30 Pro Mic Review – Worth The Upgrade?


Price / Value
95 %
Build Quality
95 %
95 %
Sound Clarity
100 %

Don’t like reading? Check out my video review on YouTube instead.

Check out my video review on YouTube.

Comica V30 Pro or V30 Lite?

If you are trying to decide between the V30 Pro and V30 Lite from Comica, check out my full review of the V30 Lite here. While this review will primarily focus on the V30 Pro, I will mention any differences between the V30 Lite for those trying to decide which option is best for their needs. The V30 Pro costs around an additional $15 dollars, so there isn’t a massive price difference.

Technical Specs

✅ Type: Cardioid Microphone
✅ Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20 kHz
✅ Signal to Noise Ratio: 78dB
✅ Power Requirements: 2X AAA Batteries
✅ Audio Connector Input: 3.5 mm TRS Cable (not removable or swappable)
✅ Mic Weight: 109 Grams (with batteries installed)
✅ Mic Dimensions: 8.26 inches long by 2.4 inches wide by 3.1 inches high
✅ Gain Adjustment: 0db or 10dB switch
✅ Low-cut filter: Yes
✅ 1/4″ thread mount

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Package Contents & Build Quality

Comica V30 Pro Microphone Package Contents

In the package, you get the mic with a removable foam windscreen. There is also a large wind-muff that can double as a winter glove. It also comes with a user manual.

Comica V30 Pro Mic Build Quality

The mic weighs around 109 grams with 2 AAA batteries loaded in it. The mic feels solid, without any loose areas on the main unit. The only area with movement or flex is the shock mount portion, of course. The shock mount on the V30 Pro is much better than found on the V30 Lite due to having the ability to absorb shocks with the ability it has to flex. With an all-plastic build, this microphone is not suited for heavy-duty use or extreme environments.

Comica V30 Pro Setup & Features

Microphone Unit

At the back of the mic, there is a switch to enable the low-cut filter, a feature that is not available on the Comica V30 Lite. The power button allows for a +10dB gain adjustment, another feature that is not present on the Comica V30 Lite. Lastly, there is an LED light to indicate that the mic is powered on, something not present on the V30 Lite, which draws power from the device it is plugged into.

Comica V30 Pro Microphone Buttons

Mounting Options

The Comica V30 Pro can be mounted via the cold shoe. A ¼” opening at the bottom of the cold shoe mount to attach the mic to a camera cage is also present.

Audio Adjustments & Inputs

The Comica V30 Pro allows for a +10dB gain adjustment and a low-cut filter if needed. The sound clarity from my tests was good, and the sound is fuller sounding with the 10dB adjustment enabled.

Battery Life

The V30 Pro is powered by 2 AAA batteries and is rated for up to 200 hours of battery life. However, I have not met that testing threshold yet.

Audio Examples – Time Stamped

Unedited audio – Comica V30 Lite – time-stamped:

Unedited audio – Comica V30 Pro (no gain adjustment or filter):

Unedited audio – Comica V30 Pro (with gain adjustment & filter):

Summing Up

The Comica V30 Pro is a worthwhile upgrade from the V30 Lite after comparing the audio quality. The V30 Lite will definitely get the job done, and if I did not hear a back-to-back comparison, I would be satisfied with the sound it captures. However, after hearing back-to-back audio samples, the V30 Pro definitely sounds better. So, is it worth the upgrade or additional price over the V30 Lite? Give the audio samples a listen and let me know what you think.

If there is anything that I missed in the review, or if you have any questions that I did not cover, please leave a comment below.

Some links may be referral links, which means I earn a small commission for qualifying sales. There is no additional cost to you.


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