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Neewer Pro C Stand With Wheels – A Delight To Use


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If you’re looking for your first C stand, don’t make the same mistake that I did. My first c stand was one from Henry’s, which I did a glowing review on here. Now, it is still a great C stand and is still serving me well. However, after trying the Neewer C stand with wheels, I can’t go back to a regular C stand. So if you’re buying your first C stand, let me tell you my experience with the wheeled version from Neewer.

Don’t like reading? Check out my video review on YouTube instead.

Build Quality

Neewer C stand Package Contents Unboxed

This is an all-aluminum alloy metal C stand that comes in at around 22 lbs / 10 kgs, fully assembled and with the extension arm and grip heads. There is no compromise in terms of the build quality, stability and overall robustness of the system.

The center column is spring-loaded in two areas, which is a nice touch if you ever forget to manually lower the center column when you release the tightening knob. The spring-loaded areas provide some cushion of protection to prevent your gear from slamming down hard.

Neewer C stand Extension Arm – Pictured With 3/8″ (1/4″ end not shown)

The extension arm’s ends feature a 1/4″ and 3/8″ thread to attach a camera body, ball head, or any other type of camera gear.

The C stand wheels have a locking lever that can be activated by pressing down with your hand or feet to lock the wheels in place. To unlock the wheels and freely move the C stand around, simply lift up the locking lever.

C Stand Setup

Neewer C stand Assembly & Setup

While the C stand does come with an Allen key to tighten certain areas of the C stand if they become loose over time, no tools are needed for the C stand’s initial setup. I was able to set up the C stand in about 5 minutes without any issue.

Neewer C Stand Red Wheels
Neewer C Stand Red Wheels

The wheels easily fit into the bottom of the feet and are secured by a tightening knob in seconds. The wheels are lubricated with grease to make them swivel around effortlessly.

Neewer C Stand Knuckleheads Gripheads
Neewer C Stand Knuckleheads Gripheads

The center column rod is secured into the swivel base with the wheels by a turning knob as well. At the top of the center column is a foam grip to help with positioning the C stand. Once the center column is attached, one of the knuckleheads can be attached to its top. Then the extension arm can be threaded through the knucklehead and secured. Lastly, the second knucklehead can be attached anywhere on the extension arm to secure any device or equipment.

C Stand Specifications

Total Weight: Approx 20 lbs / 10 kgs lbs (fully assembled with both grip heads / knuckle heads attached)
Weight Capacity – Center Column: 40 lbs / 20 kgs
Weight Capacity – Extension Arm: Up to 16 lbs / 8 kgs (may need to weigh down the base at max weight)

Minimum Height: 62 inches or 5½ feet
Maximum Height: 132 inches or 11 feet

Extension Arm Length: 50 inches of 4.16 feet

Camera Mounting Options

You can mount your camera body directly to the C stand’s extension arm using the 3/8″ thread and the 3/8″ hole on the underside of your camera body for the simplest and cheapest mounting option.

Cameras with a Quick Release Plate

If your camera has a quick release plate on the camera body, you can either attach it to the C stand’s extension arm using the 3/8″ or 1/4″ thread, depending on what your quick release plate allows. You can also purchase a separate ball head and screw it into the 3/8″ thread and leave it there permanently if you do lots of flat lay or overhead shots.

Summing Up

Neewer C Stand Review
Neewer C Stand Review

I have had zero issues with this C stand so far. I absolutely love how it speeds up my workflow. I wheel it to my table, do my unboxing video and overhead shots, then wheel it out of the way, and go back to using my fluid head or standard tripod. I wish I had found this wheeled C stand before I bought my first C stand. If you’re looking for your first C stand, you cannot go wrong with this one!

While you can use this C stand with or without wheels, if you prefer a more traditional C stand, check out my review of the Henry’s C stand here.

Let me know in the comments below if this review was helpful, or if there are any features that I did not address. Thanks!


  1. Thanks for a great review.
    QUESTION : What is the difference between the Neewer Pro version and the so called upgraded “new” version of the stainless steel C-stand ?

    Thanks !

    • Hi Per, here is the reply from Neewer that I received:

      Thank You for contacting us, I will be happy to help you. Here are the differences between the two stands:

      Neewer Upgraded Heavy Duty Stainless Steel C-Stand
      The C-stand can be adjusted from 58.6 inches/149 centimeters to 121.6 inches/309 centimeters
      FLEXIBLE LEG: The uppermost leg of the C-stand can be moved up or down for adapting to complex shooting environment
      Maximum Height: 121.6 inches/309 centimeters
      Minimum Height: 58.6 inches/149 centimeters
      Boom Arm Length: 47 inches/120 centimeters

      Neewer Pro 100% Stainless Steel Heavy Duty C Stand with Boom Arm – Max Height 11ft/331cm Photography Light Stand with 4ft/120cm Holding Arm, 2 Grip Head for Studio Monolight, Softbox, Reflector
      The center column with three sections can be adjusted from 4.7ft to 11ft (146cm to 331cm) as needed.
      Maximum Height: 10.9’ / 3.31m
      Minimum Height: 4.8’ / 1.46m
      Extension Arm Length: 3.9’ / 1.2m 390 centimeters/120 centimeters


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