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Desview R7 Plus (R7P) Monitor Review


Price / Value
100 %
Build Quality
95 %
100 %
Bundled Accessories
100 %

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Technical Specs

✅ 7 inch Touch Screen
✅ 1920 x 1080 Display
✅ HDR Capable Display
✅ 1000 Nit Brightness
✅ Custom LUT loading
✅ Easy To Use Adjustable Swivel Head


The Desview R7P (Plus) camera field monitor has a ton of value for the price when you look at the features of the monitor and what is included in the box.

The box includes:

  • 7″ Touchscreen Monitor
  • Micro HDMI & Mini HDMI cables
  • Adjustable swivel head cold shoe mount
  • Allen Key To Adjust Swivel Head
  • Rubber Protective Case With Sunshade (Optional Use)
  • D-Tap Power Cable
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • USB Drive With LUTs Loaded
  • Cleaning Cloth
desview r7 plus r7p unboxing package contents
Desview R7 Plus / R7P Unboxing Contents

Exterior Features & Build Quality

The exterior of the monitor is made of a hard plastic that is quite durable, and there is no noticeable play or looseness when pressure is exerted on opposite ends of the monitor – it is quite well made.

desview r7 plus swivel camera mount cold shoe
Desview R7 Plus (R7P) Cold Shoe Swivel Camera Mount

The bottom of the monitor also includes the USB port, headphone jack, and one of the 1/4 thread mount holes. The top of the monitor has the power button, which turns the touchscreen function on and off with short presses. The top area also includes a rotatable knob to navigate the menu screen and confirm the settings. Along with the rotating knob, there is also an exit button and two programmable function buttons labeled F1 & F2. The function buttons can be programmed to any of the menu settings without limitations. The Exit button can also be programmed.

desview r7 plus hdmi in hdmi out
Desview R7 Plus (R7P) Exterior View Showing HDMI Inputs, Power Button & Function Buttons

The left side of the monitor includes the HDMI in & HDMI out ports, along with a power port to plug in a power adapter if you do not plan on using a battery to power the monitor. The right side of the monitor only has a 1/4″ mounting hole.

desview r7 plus r7p battery nfp sony
Desview R7 Plus (R7P) Battery Mount Shown On Back Of Monitor

The back of the monitor has a recessed area to hold a Sony F style battery. It can accommodate an F-970 battery or smaller profile battery, such as the RavPower NP-F550 batteries if you want a light setup. If you want to use a power plug, the monitor has a power consumption of around 12 Watts and operational volts between 7-24 Volts.

Helpful Features & Menu Settings

One of the most significant advantages of using this monitor is using the touchscreen to zoom in to check focus and zoom back out quickly. This monitor allows you to use pinch in and pinch out gestures to zoom and to track around the image to any of the four corners of the image to check focus and composition. Some monitors lock a zoomed in image to the center of the monitor, however, you can pan around the image to check all areas for focus.

As mentioned above, accessing the menu settings allows you to program the F1 & F2 buttons to your most-used settings. I have my F1, F2 & Exit buttons programmed to use Focus Peaking, Horizontal Image Flip & Vertical Image Flip.

You are also able to take your custom-created LUTs, or downloaded third-party LUTs and load them into the monitor for a real-time view.

The included swivel head allows you to adjust the amount of pressure required to tilt the monitor if you plan on using heavy batteries on the back of the monitor. The swivel head design also allows you to quickly rotate the monitor front and back, very useful for talking head videos. Buying this type of swivel head separately will cost around $40, so it is great that Desview has included this style of camera mount in the package.

Here is a quick look at the menu settings available:

desview r7p menu exposure assist 1
Desview R7P Menu Settings – Exposure Assist Menu
Desview R7P Menu Settings – Focus & Composition Menu
desview r7p lut menu custom
Desview R7P Menu Settings – LUT Menu
desview r7p display menu
Desview R7P Menu Settings – Display Menu
Desview R7P setting configuration menu
Desview R7P Menu Settings – System Config Menu

Want to see each menu subsection in detail? Check out the gallery below.

Summing Up

After using this monitor for a while, I can highly recommend it for those looking to improve their video-making process and photography process. While the monitor can get a little hot with continued use, it has not turned off or powered down from overheating in video recording use that has lasted for up to 6 hours while being powered by a power cable.

I often use this monitor for indoor and outdoor use, so I am constantly plugging and unplugging HDMI cables into the monitor without issue. There have been no connection issues, and the port does not show any signs of loosening.

I prefer to power the monitor by power cable when indoors. However, if you plan to use this monitor mostly outdoors, consider purchasing a couple of external batteries since the monitor can drain batteries quickly if you like to have the brightness at its maximum setting. Here is a link to the batteries I use without issue from RavPower.

If you have any questions about this monitor, its features, or if there is anything that I have missed, please leave a question in the comments below, and I will look into it and get back to you.


  1. Am I supposed to be able to monitor the playback of a video on the R7? I’m trying and my camera says something about TV playback but nothing appears except a frozen screen on the R7.

    Thanks for your help —

    • Hi Peter, if you connect the R7 to your camera and you can see your camera’s screen / live view on the R7, that means the monitor is working properly and you’ve inserted the HDMI into the right port on the R7. If when you try to playback video from your camera, nothing shows on the R7, or you’re only seeing a frozen screen, it could be that your camera’s CPU is not powerful enough to simultaneously run playback and output playback. If you try to output playback from your camera to a monitor or TV screen, does it work? If it works to playback on a monitor or TV screen, then you can isolate the R7 as being at fault. I output playback from my Sony A7III camera without issue in 1080P and 4K mode. Which camera are you using?

  2. I can’t find anywhere that says how to turn off the unit. Not on any web site, not in the paperwork that comes in the box. I handed the unit to my wife and she said the glow light changes colors. I am red green color blind as are about 10 % of the male population. she said the light switches from red to green . The only way I could get the glow light to come off was to take off the battery.
    My intention is to use the unit primarily as a focus assist for my Nikon D 500 for stills.

    • Hi Brent, when the power button is pressed, the light changes from green to red and the screen powers off. However, the red light always stays on, which is unfortunate because there is always some level of power draw going on even when it is supposed to be powered off. Removing the battery or power cable is the only way to get the red light off.


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