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Fosi Audio BT30D Pro 2.1CH Bluetooth Amplifier


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Disclaimer: The BT30D was sent by Fosi Audio for an unbiased review. Some links may be affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for qualifying sales. There is no additional cost to you.

When Fosi Audio reached out to me to test their BT30D Pro, which is a 2.1 channel amplifier with Bluetooth capability, I was intrigued. After using it, don’t make the mistake I made of letting the size and the potential obscurity of the brand name fool you.

Package Contents

Fosi Audio BT30D Pro Package Contents

The box comes with the BT30D Pro, Bluetooth antenna, power brick, power cable and manual.

BT30D Pro Specs

☑️Audio Output: Bluetooth 5.0 & RCA
☑️ Output Ports: 3.5mm full frequency, speakers & subwoofer output
☑️ Output: Passive Speakers, Active Speakers, Subwoofer
☑️ Amplifier Chip: TPA3255
☑️ DC Input Range: 13-36V
☑️ TDH: ~ 0.04%
☑️ SNR: ~ 108dB
☑️ Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz (±1 dB)
☑️ Max Power Output: 165W (@4Ω x 2+350W(@2Ω)
☑️ Bluetooth Distance: Up to 50 Ft (Clear line of sight)

Design & Controls

The BT30D pro has a bit of heft with a mostly aluminum build, coming in at around 1.3 lbs or 600 grams.

The front of the unit has metal knobs to adjust sub frequency, sub volume, treble, bass and overall volume. The knobs have good resistance when turning for fine control without hard stops. The movement is firm and not too loose, which is ideal. However, some may appreciate it if the knobs have a bit of texture or etching for easier gripping. Not a big issue, of course, if you mostly leave your amp alone once you have it tuned.

There is a flip switch to power on and off the device. A small LED light also shows whether it is connected by RCA or Bluetooth.

The rear of the unit has line in ports, a full range pre-out, output ports for speakers and a sub (which can be used with banana plugs or bare wire), a power port and a port to screw in the Bluetooth antenna.

Fosi Audio BT30D Pro Controls
Fosi Audio BT30D Pro Controls


Setup is easy using RCA or Bluetooth. However, with Bluetooth, I noticed that pairing was quick because there was no code or pin verification. This can be an issue if someone mistakenly connects to the amplifier via Bluetooth since there is no authentication step to complete. You can use either banana plugs, bare wire or RCA cables.

Fosi Audio BT30D Pro Bluetooth Antenna
Fosi Audio BT30D Pro Bluetooth Antenna

Sound Performance

The BT30D Pro is a Class D amplifier. The sound quality was surprising because I did not expect a small unit to provide the power that it did! It really bought out more vibrancy in sound with almost all genres of music I listened to. I like to listen to vocals a lot lately, and the sound was clean and crisp when adjusting the treble to bring out clarity in the vocals. My Edifier bookshelf speakers are definitely nowhere close to high-end, so I know I could get even better performance and sound with powerful speakers since the BT30D Pro can power much better speakers than mine. I also never noticed any unnerving clicks or pops, and white noise levels were not audible. At max volumes, there was no audio distortion or crackling. It’s just an-all around capable amp that may look deceiving due to its size, but don’t let that fool you because it really delivers. I do not own a subwoofer, so I could not test the BT30D Pro with one.

Using Bluetooth was simple, and I never noticed any stutters or connection drops. It’s really quick to get connected to a phone or other device and start listening. If you do not need to use Bluetooth, you can leave the antenna in the box for a more compact setup. Btw, Bluetooth supports SBS and AAC.

If you do not need a remote control, this is a wonderful amplifier for the price!

Some links may be referral links, which means I earn a small commission for qualifying sales. There is no additional cost to you.


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