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Rogbid Tank S2 Rugged Smartwatch – Pleasantly Surprised


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Disclaimer: This watch was sent by Rogbid for an unbiased review. Some links may be affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for qualifying sales. There is no additional cost to you.

Why Choose A Rugged Watch?

I’ve owned many watches in my life, but never a rugged watch, and never a smartwatch or activity watch that was rugged. Whenever I perform maintenance on my car or yard work, I’m always mindful to remove my watch first just in case I damage it, but with a rugged watch, maybe those days can be over.

Rogbid Tank Watch Pricing

This watch retails for around $70 USD, which is quite reasonable for its build quality and features, which I will get into later.

Technical Specs

✅ Case Diameter: 1.83″ LCD Screen @ 60 Hz Refresh Rate
✅ Screen Resolution: 240 x 284 pixels
✅ Health Features: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Sp02, Activity Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, Etc.
✅ Battery Capacity: 450 mAh
✅ Battery Life: Approximately 20 days
✅ Charging Time: 2.5 Hours
✅ Water Resistance: IP69K Rating
✅ CPU: Realtek 8763E
✅ RAM: 128 MB
✅ Bluetooth 5.1
✅ Dimensions: 50.9 mm x 39.6 mm x 13.2 mm
✅ Weight: 50 Grams
✅ Model: S2 Tank Watch

Package Contents

In the box, you get the Tank S2 watch, user manual and proprietary charging cable, so don’t lose it.

Rogbid Tank S2 Watch - Package Contents
Rogbid Tank S2 Watch – Package Contents

Tank S2 Design

The watch has a rectangular design, which is a welcome change from all the round-faced smartwatches.

Rogbid Tank S2 Smartwatch - Front View
Rogbid Tank S2 Smartwatch – Front View

The exterior border surrounding the screen has a dark gunmetal look with a matte finish. However, as you rotate your wrist, the matte finish has a bit of light play, which is a nice touch. There are also two horizontal notches at the top and bottom of the watch, which serve no purpose but make the design a little less mundane. There are also four black screws on each corner of the watch, but I’m not sure if they serve a practical purpose or are just there as a design element.

Rogbid Tank S2 Smart Watch On Wrist
Rogbid Tank S2 Smart Watch On Wrist

The watch’s right side contains a crown with a red outline and ribbed texture to make gripping easy. While the crown can rotate, strangely, it only allows you to press it down to turn the screen on and off or entirely power down the watch with a long press. I think having a crown that rotates but doesn’t allow you to cycle through specific screens or activities is a missed opportunity.

The button below the crown has a textured finish to give some grip and a decent travel distance, accompanied by a quiet click to let you know it has been pressed. Good to see some physical interactive elements instead of an all-touch or swipe experience.

Rogbid Tank S2 Watch Buttons
Rogbid Tank S2 Watch Buttons

Case Back Details

Rogbid Tank S2 Rear Case View
Rogbid Tank S2 Rear Case View

The rear of the case has a carbon fibre-type design with sensors in the middle. Two metal charging contacts allow charging while retaining the IP69K waterproof rating. The silicone watch band can be easily removed and swapped with another band if you’re not a fan of the included band.

Wearability & Comfort

Rogbid Tank S2 Watch Band Clasp
Rogbid Tank S2 Watch Band Clasp

I found the silicone watchband quite comfortable for all-day wear, although I took the watch off at night to sleep because sleep monitoring is not that important to me. The watchband has soft feel due to the silicone but never pulled my hair or caused friction play. It’s also pretty light and has perforations along the band for the clasp prongs to allow breathability and reduce moisture, especially on hot days or during intense exercise.

Rogbid S2 Watch Band Holder
Rogbid S2 Watch Band Holder

The watch also felt secure once closed because the clasp uses double prongs. If you hate when the unused watch band excess pops out of the holder band, Rogbid thought of that too by including two retention bands with nodules that insert into the same perforations that the prongs use.

My wrist size is around 6.4″, and even with a smaller wrist, the watch didn’t seem overly big on my wrist. The watch’s height is approximately 1.3 cm, so while it isn’t the thickest case, it’s pretty sizeable, and I have banged it into a few door frames since I haven’t become accustomed to the thickness yet. I haven’t snagged it on any clothes or pockets due to its primarily rounded or curved exterior design.

Build Quality

Rogbid S2 Watch - Water Test
Rogbid S2 Watch – Water Test

So Rogbid’s website certifies that this watch meets the MIL-STD 810G – 2014 standard, which means this watch has been tested in various areas, such as heat, cold, shock, vibration, humidity, gunfire shock and other tests, which total 29 tests! I didn’t test it in these areas, but I did test it by submerging it in water and using the buttons, and it worked without any issues. The Tank S2 is rated for 5 atmospheres of water pressure or 50 meters with its IP69K rating.

It can also withstand temperatures of -40 C to 70 C, along with 96 hours of salt spray resistance, ice and freezing rain resistance, so yea, it’s pretty tough and perfect for those who will be in extreme environments or can’t worry about babying their watch.

Screen, Apps & Settings

The screen features a 60 Hz refresh rate, and it’s noticeable when swiping between screens because it feels pretty responsive compared to other non-mainstream smartwatches I’ve tried before, which are a bit slow to advance from screen to screen.

I also found the screen size easily usable for the apps, and I didn’t experience any mistaken taps.

Rogbid Tank S2 Watch Apps
Rogbid Tank S2 Watch Apps

The watch has many apps, but I’ve mostly stuck to the health-tracking apps. Some utility apps include a calculator, flashlight, find phone feature, remote shutter, voice assistant and more. Some of these apps can be set as “Favorites” or shortcuts so that as you swipe to the left, you can get quick access without going into the central app drawer. Below is an incomplete list of the apps included on the watch.

Rogbid Tank S2 Watch - Calculator App
Rogbid Tank S2 Watch – Calculator App
Rogbid Tank S2 App Screens
Rogbid Tank S2 App Screens
RogBid DaFit App
RogBid DaFit App

Pictured above are some of the main health metrics you’ll be looking at most of the time, either on the watch or the accompanying DaFit app. You can quickly swipe left on the watch screen to easily switch between the above screens without going into specific apps.

Rogbid mentions that health data is for reference only since the watch is not a medical-grade device. While that is the case, the watch was somewhat close in accuracy to my Withings ScanWatch when measuring Sp02 by about 2 to 3 points. However, it was off by about 8 to 13 BPM. My ScanWatch does not offer blood pressure readings, so I cannot comment on Rogbid’s accuracy there.

The app connects to the watch by Bluetooth, like most other smartwatches. While the app provides many metrics, I checked them on the watch directly since it’s quick and easy to do so, and I can pin certain favorite apps or screens.However, the app is handy for downloading or setting more watch dials that are pre-installed on the watch.

In addition, certain watch dials can be customized further in the app, such as setting the text color and position, which are not customizable from the watch settings directly.

The app can also be used to quickly see all apps that can be chosen to push notifications to the watch. The app is also necessary for updating the watch software.

Rogbid Tank S2 Vibration Settings
Rogbid Tank S2 Vibration Settings

If you’ll be relying on the watch for notifications, the vibration strength is great and also adjustable.

Sport Modes

Rogbid Tank S2 Sport Exercises
Rogbid Tank S2 Sport Exercises

This watch features one of the most comprehensive lists of sports or exercises I’ve seen. There’s everything from normal walking or running to Yoga and even Golf! You’ll easily find a matching exercise or activity mode if you can’t find it on another smartwatch.

Unique Features

I’ve used some smartwatches with pretty mediocre speakers or no speakers at all. So when I saw that this watch had speakers to allow for taking or making calls, I was a bit skeptical about the audio quality. I have to say; this is the part that impressed me the most. The speaker gets loud for being on such a small device and stays decently clear even at max volume. In fact, I played music from it, and it did surprisingly well! I can see this being useful listening to a podcast and having the sound emitted from the watch instead of the phone.

Battery Life

Rogbid Tank S2 Charging
Rogbid Tank S2 Charging

Battery life is rated for about 20 days of working time and 60 days of standby time. In my testing, I got around 19 days, so I’d say it’s a pretty accurate claim, especially since I spent some initial setup time playing with the watch to get acquainted with it. Charging takes around 2.5 hours to top fill up the 450 mAh battery.

Rogbid Tank S2 Smartwatch
Rogbid Tank S2 Smartwatch

Summing Up

The Rogbig Tank S2 Smartwatch comes in at around $70 USD on (Affiliate Link). Sure, there are cheaper smartwatch options out there, but for the durability, tons of sports modes, surprisingly loud speakers and tons of sports modes, this is a fantastic value.

If you want a watch that will take a beating, last for 2 to 3 weeks at a time and offers great value, the Rogbid Tank S2 smartwatch should be on your radar. The only thing I would have liked to see is that the crown be used to advance screens since it does rotate. Not sure if an update could add that functionality, but the watch is definitely updateable through the DaFit app.

If there is anything that I missed in the review, or if you have any questions that I did not cover, please leave a comment below.


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