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JEECOO J65 Gaming Headset – Amazing Sound!


Build Quality
95 %
Sound Performance
90 %
90 %
90 %
Mic Performance
100 %

Disclaimer: JEECOO sent a review sample. However, this review is unbiased and not influenced by JEECOO.

When it comes to gaming headsets, there are a ton of options out there. I was not expecting too much when I received the J65 gaming headset because I had never heard of Jeecoo before, and the headset price put it in the budget range. However, I quickly changed my mindset once I handled the headphones and used them. Let’s take a detailed look.

The Jeecoo J65 Gaming Headphones are wired USB-powered headphones intended primarily for desktops and laptops. However, I was able to use them on my PS5 successfully, but the 6.6 feet / 2-meter cable length may not be adequate depending on how far your PS5 is from where you’re sitting.

Jeecoo J65 USB Gaming Headphone - Left View
Jeecoo J65 USB Gaming Headphone – Left View

J65 Headphone Specifications

  • Driver Size: 50 mm drivers
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Max Power: 30 MW
  • Cable Length: 6.6 Feet / 2 Meters
  • Warranty: 6 Months with Lifetime Technical Support

J65 Headphone Design & Build Quality

The design of the J65 is pretty unique with its two floating padded headband cushions, which are located just under the top plastic portion of the headband. This design improves comfort since the hard plastic does not rest directly on the top of the head.

Jeecoo J65 USB Gaming Headphone - Floating Cushions
Jeecoo J65 USB Gaming Headphone – Floating Cushions

The headphones have a flat black color, which goes well with the green logo elements located around the headphones.

The build quality overall is excellent for the price that it costs. The headband has a metal build and is reinforced with metal screws as well. The metal headband has a few cut-outs, which help reduce the weight of the headphones, but does not compromise the structural integrity of the headband. There are also two silver badges on the headband to signify the Right and Left sides of the headphones. The top of the headband has a plastic cover secured by screws and the Jeecoo logo printed in green at the top.

Jeecoo J65 Gaming Headphones - Metal Build
Jeecoo J65 Gaming Headphones – Metal Build

The over-ear earcups are a primarily plastic build with a metal mesh located on the outside of the earcups, which have a green LED light and the Jeecoo logo. The earcup cushions are plush and create a decent seal around the ears. The left earcup contains the USB cable and non-removable microphone arm.

Jeecoo J65 Gaming Headphone - Left Logo
Jeecoo J65 Gaming Headphone – Left Logo

The USB cable is gold-plated on the type-A end. The cable feels pretty premium due to its heavy gauge. A Velcro strap on the cable wraps up any excess length to help keep things tidy.

A control module is also built onto the cable, which houses the volume control knob, buttons to turn RGB on or off, and a switch to mute and unmute the microphone.

RGB. You either hate it or love it usually. I’m a fan of tastefully done RGB, and Jeecoo has done it right. The RGB lights are located behind a smoked or matte plastic, so the glow is soft and not harsh. The RGB lights slowly cascade through a gradient of colors in a narrow strip at the back of the earcups. The bottom of the mic has a narrow RGB light strip. The control module has a solid green LED light.

Jeecoo J65 Gaming Headphones - RGB Lights
Jeecoo J65 Gaming Headphones – RGB Lights

Overall, the J65 feels quite premium due to the metal headband holding everything together. These do not feel like they will break or snap with an accidental drop.

Sound Quality

Sound is arguably the most crucial factor, and there are no disappointments. Out of the box, I found the sound more on the bass side of things. However, once I chose the Jazz equalizer and made some slight tweaks to suit my listening style, the sound quality was noticeably improved. Jeecoo’s Audio Center software is required to make equalizer changes.

When listening to the volume at 40% on my computer, I found the volume to be loud enough for extended use. At 60% volume, it is quite loud, and the headphones vibrate slightly on the head while playing bass-heavy audio. At 80% volume, there is a bit more vibration during bass-heavy parts, and at 100% volume, the headphones start to vibrate during bass audio portions. I prefer to feel my headphones vibrate during bassy parts because I enjoy decent bass. During these volume increments on my computer, the volume knob on the headphones was set to max volume.

Through Jeecoo’s software, there are settings to simulate 7.1 audio, and after playing a few 7.1 surround sound audio demos, this feature works impressively well that I kept it on after discovering it.

There is no active noise cancellation present, so I was able to hear my surroundings easily once I lowered the volume enough. That means that sound leakage is also present. In fact, if I crank these to 70 to 100% volume, I can easily listen to audio while the headphones are lying on my desk.

99% of the time, I did not experience any audio distortions, even at max volume on both the volume knob and the computer. However, I did experience slight crackling on and off at max volume on higher frequencies while listening to a handful of songs.


While the headphones have a control module to adjust volume, RGB lights and the microphone, I wish the design was a bit more user-friendly. The volume knob at the top is a bit finicky to adjust quickly. I would prefer if the volume knob were more of a horizontal wheel that could be rotated vertically like found on a mouse wheel.

Jeecoo J65 Volume Control Module
Jeecoo J65 Gaming Headphone Control Module

The RGB effect has two separate buttons, located on one side of the control module to turn them on or off, which I wish was also positioned at the top of the control module with the volume wheel.

There is also a switch to mute or unmute the microphone on the opposite side of the RGB buttons.


Even though the J65 looks pretty large and imposing, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear for extended periods, mostly due to the floating cushion pads. I also wear glasses, and the headphones didn’t feel like they were pressing the sides of the glasses uncomfortably.

The metal band is not adjustable. However, there is some play with the floating cushion pads, which rest on the head to ensure a secure fit.

Jeecoo J65 USB Gaming Headphones - Headrest Cushions
Jeecoo J65 USB Gaming Headphones – Headrest Cushions

Since the earcup cushion is plush and has an over-the-ear design, there is no airflow, so if you’re in a hot room or tend to sweat while gaming aggressively, you will have to take these off periodically to wipe them off.

The microphone arm is relatively rigid on these, so they tend to move back to the front within a few seconds of moving them out of the way to have a drink. It isn’t a dealbreaker, but perhaps the tension in the arm will loosen with repeated use.

Software Features

To make the most out of the headphones, I strongly suggest installing Jeecoo’s software from their website here.

Jeecoo Audio Center Software Settings 1 of 2
Jeecoo Audio Center Software Settings 1 of 2

The Jeecoo Audio Center software unlocks the ability to use preset equalizers, create your own equalizer presets, simulate 7.1 surround sound and adjust the placement of the virtual speakers, enable environment effects, and more. I highly recommend choosing the Jazz equalizer and adjusting it from there.

Jeecoo Audio Center Software Settings 2 of 2
Jeecoo Audio Center Software Settings 2 of 2

The software also allows enabling noise reduction, which works surprisingly well. There is a setting to manage microphone echo, allow voice effects, and set the audio monitoring levels, along with other settings.

Potential Dealbreakers

While the Jeecoo J65 USB gaming headphones are fabulous, some areas could be improved for future models.

  • It would be great if the mic were replaceable if damage occurred.
  • The audio cable should be replaceable as well if the event of damage.
  • I wish the RGB were programmable in the software to set solid colors like white or red to match the rest of my gaming setup. There is only a cascading gradient effect, but it still looks great!
  • I also wish all the controls were located on the top of the control module.

Can I Recommend The Jeecoo J65 Gaming Headphones?

Looking at the overall offering from the Jeecoo J65 USB Gaming Headphones, they are easy to recommend due to their great sound performance and excellent build quality.

Jeecoo J65 USB Gaming Headphones - Recommended
Jeecoo J65 USB Gaming Headphones – Recommended

Most headphones in this price range do not offer the type of build quality that the J65s offer, which makes me wary about what would happen if they were dropped or stretched too much. With these, I have no worries about their longevity. If anything starts to wear down, it would likely be the cushioned earcups, but this issue has occurred on much more expensive gaming headphones that I have owned as well.

The sound out of the box is not the best due to a flat equalizer profile, but installing the Jeecoo Audio Center software quickly fixes those issues. I also appreciated how well the noise reduction feature worked to drown out the noisy fans from my computer.

Jeecoo J65 Gaming Headset - Left Side Mic
Jeecoo J65 Gaming Headset – Left Side Mic

If absolute quiet is required while you game late at night, the sound leakage may be an issue if you play with the volume at a very high setting, but sound leakage is not a concern for me.

For the price, I doubt you will find a better USB Gaming Headphone option than the Jeecoo J65s due to the sound performance and premium build.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the J65s or if I missed anything in my review by leaving a comment down below.


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