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Logitech MX Master 3S vs MX Master 3 – Worth The Upgrade?


Price / Value
90 %
Build Quality
100 %
100 %
Battery Life
100 %
100 %

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What’s New With The MX Master 3S?

If you currently own the Logitech MX Master 3, you’re wondering what is new or different with the Logitech MX Master 3S version. There are two main changes. The first change is an upgrade to an 8000 DPI sensor on the MX 3S versus the 4000 DPI sensor found on the MX 3. The second change is that the MX Master 3S has 90% quieter clicks than the MX Master 3. The quietness of the clicks is very similar to the amount of click noise on the new Logitech Vertical Lift mouse.

Oh, the MX 3S also comes in a pale grey version to match white setups. I’ll get into the 90% quieter clicks below and if it’s an improvement or a detriment.

What Hasn’t Changed?

These elements below remain unchanged on MX Master 3S when compared to the MX Master 3:

  • Still a 125 Hz Polling Rate
  • Same rubberized exterior material
  • No left-handed version available (Why Logitech? The Lift mouse has a left-handed version)

Please be advised that the link above is a referral link, which means that I earn a small commission for each qualifying sale. There is no additional cost to you.

Technical Specs

✅ Weight: 141 Grams
Sensor Type: 8000 DPI Darkfield Sensor
✅ DPI: 200 dpi – 8000 DPI (Adjustable in 50 DPI increments)
✅ Buttons: 7 Buttons (Left & Right-click, Back & Forward, Scroll-wheel click, Wheel Mode, App Switch button)
✅ Battery: 500 mAh Rechargeable Li-Po battery
✅ Battery Life: Up to 7 months
✅ Connection: Bluetooth Low Energy or Logi Bolt USB Receiver (2.4GHz wireless)
✅ Range: 10 meters / 32 feet
✅ 1 Year Limited Warranty


The Logitech MX Master 3S mouse is $99.99 USD on Logitech’s website at the time of writing. The MX 3S comes in three colors, pale grey, graphite and black. I ordered the pale grey version.

In The Box

The package contains the mouse, Logi Bolt USB Receiver and manuals, and a USB Type C to Type A charging cable.

Logitech MX Master 3S - Package Contents
Logitech MX Master 3S – Package Contents

Design & Build Quality

If you’re familiar with the MX Master 3, please feel free to skip ahead because the exterior design remains unchanged.

Logitech MX Master 3S Mouse Design
Logitech MX Master 3S Mouse Design

The build quality is great, just like with the MX Master 3. In fact, the MX Master 3S has the same weight and dimensions as the MX Master 3. The mouse does not creak or wobble when moving it around.

Logitech MX Master 3S - Back View
Logitech MX Master 3S – Back View

The back of the mouse has a slick-looking silvery lip, which contrasts nicely against the pale grey. The silvery finish continues to the bottom of the mouse. The bottom of the mouse contains the power switch, sensor and a button to quickly switch between three different devices and to put the mouse in pairing mode for Bluetooth.

Logitech MX Master 3 Bottom View
Logitech MX Master 3 Bottom View

The front of the MX 3S contains the USB Type C charging port, which is convenient because the mouse can be charged during use.

Logitech MX Master 3S - Front View
Logitech MX Master 3S – Front View

The side of the 3S contains the horizontal scroll wheel, which comes in super handy browsing lots of data, or with timeline editing software. There is also a small button at the very bottom, under the backward and forward buttons, which can switch apps or be remapped to launch a specific app, open the start menu, etc.

Logitech MX Master 3S Side View
Logitech MX Master 3S Side View

Ergonomics & Hand Feel

The back of the mouse has a curved hump that nicely conforms to my hand without leaving any gaps, so it should accommodate most people’s hands easily. It feels quite planted even when moving it quickly in any direction. As there is no change from the MX 3, you will feel right at home with the MX 3S.

Logitech MX Master 3S and MX Master 3
Logitech MX Master 3S and MX Master 3

Buttons & Elements

The MX Master 3S has 7 buttons:

  • Right click & Left click
  • Backward & Forwards button
  • App Switch Button
  • Top Scroll Wheel Middle Click
  • Wheel Scroll Mode Button

90% Quieter Clicks? Yes, the claim is true. If you value quiet, the reduction in click noise may justify the cost of an upgrade to the MX 3S. I have gotten used to the quiet and soft clicks of the Logitech Lift Vertical mouse, and the MX 3S feels very similar in terms of the click noise. The clicks also feel a little softer too, but it is still tactile, so you know you are clicking the button. The quieter click only applies to the primary left and right-click buttons and no other buttons.

With seven mappable buttons, this mouse is excellent for general use or productivity workflows. All buttons are nicely laid out with easy access. One small change I noticed is that the side scroll wheel on the MX 3S feels slightly stiffer. I think this change was made to prevent accidental scrolling, but I never had this issue with the MX Master 3.

Logitech MX Master 3 MagSpeed Scroll Wheel
Logitech MX Master 3 MagSpeed Scroll Wheel

Probably the best feature of the MX 3 series is the MagSpeed Scroll wheel. This isn’t a marketing feature that will go unused. Once you use it, it will be hard to use other mice without this feature. If you’re not familiar with it, the top scroll wheel can be set to scroll fluidly at up to 1000 lines per second or set to scroll in increments like with traditional mice.

Connectivity & Multi-Device Options

Pairing is easily accomplished by Bluetooth or with the included Logi Bolt USB receiver. I use Bluetooth without issues because I like to keep the ever decreasing amount of USB ports on new devices empty. Logitech notified me that using the Logi Bolt USB Receiver provides the best results in terms of connectivity and latency.

Like the MX Master 3, the MX 3S can be paired with up to 3 devices to make use of Logitech’s Flow functionality, which allows for copying and pasting between different devices seamlessly. This must be set up in Logitech’s Logi Options+ software. Once set up, a quick switch button located at the bottom of the mouse is used to switch between different devices.

Upgraded Tracking

With an upgraded 8000 DPI sensor, Logitech mentions tracking works on virtually any surface, even glass. I tested the MX 3S on a glass pane with a black backdrop. While the MX 3S worked, it wasn’t a fluid experience, but it did do much better than the MX 3 did. However, if you don’t plan on using the mouse on glass, then the tracking on the MX Master 3 is perfectly capable and does not warrant the upgrade.

Mouse Settings & Customization

If you’ve used Logitech’s Options+ software before, you can expect all the same settings you’re used to. If you’re new to Logi Options+, it is a MUST to make the most out of your Logitech mouse and keyboard. I have screen-capped some of the options available when remapping buttons. There are more remapping options available when you scroll down (not pictured).

Logitech Logi Options+ Software
Logitech Logi Options+ Software

General Use & Performance

The MX 3S performs with the same excellence as the MX 3 for general or productive use. Logitech’s Options+ software also includes pre-set button configurations for popular software, such as Excel, Photoshop, browsers, etc.

I haven’t experienced any signal issues or disconnects when using the 3S. If you experience any of these issues when using Bluetooth, ensure that your computer is not set to turn off Bluetooth for power-saving in Windows.

Can I Recommend It?

If this is your first Logitech MX series of mouse, this is a great option, especially if you value quiet clicks.

Logitech MX Master 3S vs MX 3
Logitech MX Master 3S (White) vs MX 3 (Black)

If you own the MX Master 3, I can’t see any reason to upgrade to the MX 3S unless you really value quiet clicks. I do value quiet clicks, so I ordered it. You may also be interested in the 3S for the pale grey version if your plan is to match the rest of your white working setup. Keep in mind that it isn’t a pure white mouse. It’s an off-white color.

Logitech MX Master 3S Pale Grey
Logitech MX Master 3S Pale Grey

Here’s a photo of how the color of the pale grey compares to a standard piece of white printer paper and a PS5 Dual Sense controller.

If there is anything that I missed in the review, or if you have any questions that I did not cover, please leave a comment below.

Please be advised that the link above is a referral link, which means that I earn a small commission for each qualifying sale. There is no additional cost to you.


  1. Hi, if I am new to both options, and use it only for normal browsing and office work, would you recommend 3 or 3s? click sound doesn’t matter much to me. Thanks.

    • Hey Lash, If you don’t care about the silent clicks and you can find the MX3 for cheaper, I would just get that. It’s basically the same mouse except the 3S has quiet clicks and a higher DPI setting, but most people don’t need that high of a DPI setting anyway.

  2. The Logitech MX Master 3/3S mouse gets glowing reviews everywhere but are not indicative of real world ongoing use. There is a massive hype train and lack of investigation into the many issues with this device from lag, buttons not working, not charging to complete failures. These issues (in my case), presented in very minor issues and after several months of increasing severity resulted in a complete failure of the device. These issues are not uncommon and yet are not reported on.

    The fact that you have one of these issues presenting with the mouse not working while plugged in and under charge and you have given this peripheral a glowing recommendation is completely unprofessional. For any mouse let alone a top tier priced one to not work under USB charge is a massive drawback and should be commented as such in any honest review. The fact that it is supposed to work under charge and doesn’t and is indicative of a device issue that you haven’t included in this review and is indictment on yourself and this website.

    You have no journalistic integrity Adrian.

    • It must get glowing reviews because it performs as intended for most users. With any product type, there will be a percentage that has quality control issues and this occurs with small and large companies. Most reviewers are like me as individuals that do not work for a company, do not have access to customer support information from Logitech, or have a way to aggregate data from all the potential hundreds of users with issues to highlight potential issues that may or may not even occur for the vast majority of people who buy this mouse. So when I review a product, I review it based on my experience. I cannot rightly include another person’s experience without full context. Perhaps someone had connection issues due to a low Bluetooth version, interference with WiFi bands, power-saving modes on their computer that put certain items to sleep to conserve battery, etc. Without experiencing those issues for myself, how can I accurately say there is an issue if I do not experience it. When I purchased this mouse, it was within days of release, so I did not see any comments or complaints with its performance. I also didn’t experience any issues with the MX3 that others did. If I did, I would not have used the MX3 up to when I replaced it with the MX3S.

      To highlight your primary issue with the MX3S, being that it cannot be used while charging by USB, here is a video I took right now, within minutes of receiving your comment, showing that the mouse is charging by LED indicator light and in the Logitech Options+ software, and I can still use it simultaneously:

      You say that I have no journalistic integrity, but I hope you reconsider because I did not experience the issue you are referring to. I cannot aggregate the user experience of every person who bought this mouse and replicate their user settings. I suggest you contact Logitech to determine if your mouse is eligible for replacement. Please feel free to take a video of your own and send it to Logitech, along with my video for comparison purposes to demonstrate that your mouse is not working as intended. Btw, I used the included Logitech cable in my video. I wish you the best of luck.

  3. What about the complaints that ppl have that 3S CAN’T work unless you install the (non-optional) Options+ s/w, that supposedly spies on you and steals your data. Thoughts about that?

    • I understand the privacy concerns for sure, but since I’m not affiliated with Logitech in any capacity and can’t view their source code, it’s hard to comment on claims that their software is possibly stealing data or spying. It would be another matter if an established, and reputable security company could demonstrate this. I guess most privacy-centric people would likely steer clear from companies that may give them pause for concern.

  4. hello i have one question, on mx3 i can sleep or full off pc with one click, on mx3s i cant this. give me option off windows, but still must anothers click, if i want sleep pc or full off pc. is any chance settings this mouse that will full off or sleeep pc with one click please, same as was on mx3. thank you.

  5. Not sure how to leave a reply to my comment so I shall write it again so you know who I am:

    I have the MX 3 and when I plug mine into a USB C cable it charges and I can still use it.

    In answer to your questions:
    1. I am using Windows 10.
    2. I use a USB C to USB A cable (just a general one, not the one it came with).
    3. I have the Logitech software installed

    • Thanks for the follow-up J, I’m able to charge it and use it also. I think some people were also asking if the USB cable could be used for connectivity and charging, but that still isn’t available.

    • That’s very interesting. I just tried to do it again thinking that maybe a recent update enabled that functionality, but I still cannot use it while it is plugged in. Are you on Windows or Mac? Are you using type c to type c or type c to type A for the cable? Do you have the Logitech Options+ software installed?

  6. Hi. The following paragraph is a bit misleading. The MX Master 3 already works on glass. Were you not aware of that, or are you saying the MX Master 3S works on even more types on glass? If so, did you confirm that through testing both mice on different types of glass?

    > “With an upgraded 8000 DPI sensor, Logitech mentions tracking works on virtually any surface, even glass. I tested the MX 3S on a glass pane with a black backdrop. While the MX 3S worked, it wasn’t a fluid experience, but it did do much better than the MX 3 did. However, if you don’t plan on using the mouse on glass, then the tracking on the MX Master 3 is perfectly capable and does not warrant the upgrade.”

    Thank you.


  7. Have you experienced lags or latency in the mouse response? If so, would the dedicated Logi Bolt USB Receiver reduce that or would the Bluetooth? Any comments related to the mouse responsiveness is appreciated. Thank you

    • Hi estandb, I haven’t experienced lags or latency, but I still online that some users experience this, especially on macs. I use a Bluetooth connection only and it has been fine for me. Logitech said that using the Logi Bolt USB receiver gives the lowest latency possible, but since I don’t use the MX 3S to game, Bluetooth has worked fine for me. I use the MX 3S on my second computer, and I notice that if I don’t touch the mouse for a long time, it seems to go into a sleep mode, then comes out of it after a few seconds of me touching it. Otherwise, I don’t notice any delays while I’m using it continuously.

    • Hi Kevin, unfortunately when you plug in a USB Type-C cable into the MX 3 and MX 3S, it only charges the mouse while you use it. It does not let you use the USB Type C cable to transfer data to allow you to use it wired.


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