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KALADO KCA01 Air Purifier Review


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With the Winter season active, keeping windows closed for most of the winter is customary to keep the house warm. However, it means the air in my home isn’t as fresh and pure as it should be. Luckily, the Kalado KCA01 air purifier quickly purifies the air without taking up too much space. You can check their full range of products on Kalado’s Official website.

Package Contents

Kalado KCA01 Package Contents
Kalado KCA01 Package Contents

In the package, you get the Kalado air purifier unit, two HEPA filters, a power cable and a manual.


Kalado KCA01 Air Purifier Design
Kalado KCA01 Air Purifier Design – Optional LED Light Turned On

I’m a big fan of the mostly white design and rectangular design. You can see that it goes nicely with the wood floor in my home. The top of the unit has a black grill, and the sides have perforations to allow for continuous airflow.

Kalado KCA01 LED Lighting
Kalado KCA01 LED Lighting

There is also an option to turn on an LED ring light, which looks so nice as it casts a soft glow around the bottom of the unit.

There is also an LCD window, which shows the current air quality score, fan speed, HEPA filter life, connection status and particulate matter.

Kalado KCA01 Air Purifier - Control Buttons
Kalado KCA01 Air Purifier – Control Buttons

The top of the unit has button controls that allow you to do everything you can do in the app.

Getting Started

Getting the Kalado air purifier setup is surprisingly easy. Simply flip the unit over, and turn the knob to the open position, then remove the bottom cover.

Kalado Bottom Cover Knob
Kalado Bottom Cover Knob

Next, open the protective packaging for the two HEPA filters, insert them, replace the bottom cover, plug it in the wall, and you’re done!

kalado kca01 air purifier setup
Kalado KCA01 Air Purifier – HEPA Filter Installation

Now you can just power the air purifier on at this point and use it right away, but I highly recommend getting the Osaio app that pairs with the air purifier. Let me get into that next.

Osaio App Settings

The app pairs really well with the air purifier, allowing you to turn the unit on or off through your phone. You can also change the running modes to auto, manual and sleep. You also have the option to set the running time and fan speeds. I chose to leave the unit on the Auto setting.

Osaio App Settings
Osaio App Settings


I don’t have any technical tools to test the air quality before or after, so I will rely on the unit’s built-in air quality sensor. This unit claims to remove up to 99.7% of particles from the air and as small as 0.3 microns.

Kalado Air Purifier - Performance
Kalado Air Purifier – Performance

Once I turned the unit on, it showed my current air quality. So I burned a long stick of incense, which burned for around 20 minutes. I kept all the windows and doors closed in my living room. After the incense finished burning, the room was noticeably smoky and hazy looking. I turned on the unit, and it showed my air quality as being severe, with a score of 999 (likely over 999). So I let the unit run on Auto for a few minutes before I switched it to manual. At fan speed 5, it was a bit loud for me while watching TV, so I switched it to manual mode and set it to fan speed 4. After a little over an hour, my air quality score was 6, and the smoke in the living room was gone. I could have achieved a better score in a shorter amount of time if I had let the fan speed go to 5.

So the Kalado air purifier unit did an excellent job of purifying the air in a fairly large and open living room thanks to the two HEPA filters. I was quite impressed at how efficient it was, and it was great to see the progress in the app.

Is It Worth It?

If your home is always dusty or if you have allergies, the Kalado KCA01 air purifier is an excellent option to keep the air cleansed in any small to medium-sized room. It can be whisper quiet for nighttime use by setting the fan speed manually, or you can easily clear the air in a room on the highest fan speed setting after cooking or burning a candle or incense.

I’m really impressed with the quality of the two included HEPA filters as well. They are high-quality and thick filters, unlike the flimsy filters I have seen in other units, which may only come with on filter. For the price, it is an excellent value for the performance and features that it offers.

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