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Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask Review


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Disclaimer: The Bluetooth Sleep Mask was sent by Musicozy for an unbiased review. Some links may be affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for qualifying sales. There is no additional cost to you.

If you travel a lot and the only time you can get some shut-eye or rest is in bright environments, then a sleep mask is a good idea. If you sleep in a room at home where a street light or moonlight enters your room, and you do not have block-out blinds or shades, a sleep mask will also benefit you. But why settle for a simple sleep mask when you can also play some relaxing music to put you asleep or help drown out ambient noise?

Package Contents

Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask
Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask

In the package, you get the Musicozy Bluetooth sleep mask, carrying case, USB charging cable and instruction manual.


musicozy bluetooth sleep mask front view
Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask – Front View

The front of the sleep mask has control buttons located in the top center area. The buttons have a soft rubberized feel and can be depressed to activate them. A small click gives you tactile feedback that the button was pressed. Slightly above the buttons are two LED lights. One LED light is for battery status, and the other is for Bluetooth status. The material has a velvety feel to it.

The rear of the sleep mask has a Velcro strap, which can be sized to fit any head size. In the photo above, I have pulled out the USB Type C charging cable end to show where it was previously housed, but in normal use, it will be tucked away nicely.

There are also padded eye pads, which have a slightly cool feel to the touch. You can also see that the eye pad area that covers the eyelids has raised nodules, but they do not make contact with my eyelids when I wear the mask.

Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask - Rear View
Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask – Rear View

Comfort & Effectiveness

The sleep mask is quite comfortable, and most importantly, it doesn’t place a lot of pressure on my nose. There are no inside tags, which makes it comfortable for extended wear and during sleep. I did not even notice the housed Type C charging cable end while wearing the mask due to the padded fabric.

It also blocks out 100% of light when worn properly. I stared directly at a bright light source, and no light was able to enter the sleep mask.


The Bluetooth feature works flawlessly, and the Bluetooth version is 5.2. I was able to pair the sleep mask with my phone in a few seconds after turning on the sleep mask and tapping on the Musicozy device in my Bluetooth settings. Once paired, I opened up a YouTube video and was able to increase, decrease, pause and play using the front buttons. You can also advance or forward tracks by long-pressing the volume up and down buttons. Once you max out the volume, you will hear a beep to let you know that you’ve reached the max volume.

Since the speakers are housed in the sides of the sleep mask, the speaker modules may need to be moved along manually to line it up with your ears. The sound is as good as you can expect, considering that the sound has to make its way through a layer of fabric. It doesn’t get overly loud at max volume, probably due to the fact that the sound is coming through the fabric, but it’s still loud enough to easily listen to music or use the sleep mask for calls, which leads me to the next point, you can make calls with this sleep mask!

As long as the sleep mask is connected to your phone, you can answer and reject calls using the power button. You can even accept a second incoming call while deciding to pause the first call or end the first call. You can also just reject an incoming call. I don’t foresee myself using the sleep mask for calls since I will likely pair it to a device that doesn’t accept calls, but it’s good to have the feature if I ever need it.

Battery Life

Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask - Type C Charging Port
Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask – Type C Charging Port

The battery takes up to 2 hours to fully charge the 150 mAh rechargeable battery. You can expect up to 8 hours of playback depending on how loud you keep the volume. Charging is done by plugging in a USB Type C cable into a female USB Type C connector end, which is housed in the side of the sleep mask.

Keeping Things Clean

If you need to clean the sleep mask, you can carefully slide out the speakers and the Bluetooth module from the sleep mask before washing. Just be sure to let the sleep mask dry out completely before reinserting the electric components. You can see below that I was able to fish out the speaker module from one side of the sleep mask. The speakers are both connected to the Bluetooth module, so be careful when removing them for cleaning.

Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask - Speaker Removed
Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask – Speaker Removed

Is It Worth It?

Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask
Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Mask

I never thought I would find a use for a sleep mask before, but considering how comfortable and effective this one is at blocking out light, I can see various situations where it can come in handy. As I mentioned, this would be great for flights, train rides, sleeping, and even meditation. Lots of people like to listen to relaxing music or white noise while they sleep, and this Musicozy sleep mask will make that easy to do. If you have problems falling asleep or want to hear tranquil music while you sleep, this is a great option!

Some links may be referral links, which means I earn a small commission for qualifying sales. There is no additional cost to you.


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