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Venus Pro DS-2833 RGB Gaming Mouse Review


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Disclaimer: The Venus Pro DS-2833 was sent by Venus for an unbiased review. Some links may be referral links, which means I earn a small commission for qualifying sales. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

In my teens, I was heavily into PC games like Unreal Tournament and Quake. Years later, my PC hardware was too old to run current gen games, so I switched to consoles. Now that I have a pretty capable Legion Gaming PC with a 4080 and i9 13900KF, I decided to jump back into PC gaming. However, coming from a Logitech MX3S and Logitech Lift, those mice were just not going to cut it for gaming. So I was happy when Venus reached out to try out their Venus Pro DS-2833 RGB gaming mouse. So let’s get into if the Venus Pro DS-2833 delivers.


  • Sensor: Optical PixArt PAW3335
  • DPI Range: 100 DPI to 16,000 DPI
  • DPI Increments: 100 DPI
  • Polling Range: 125 Hz to 1000 Hz
  • Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Connection: 2.4 GHz or Wired
  • Weight: ~ 126 Grams
  • Dimensions: 4.6″ x 3″ x 1.5″

Package Contents

In the box, you get the Venus Pro DS-2833 mouse, 1.5 meter / 5 ft Type C to Type A USB nylon braided cable for wired mode or charging, driver software, extra gliding mouse feet, USB wireless receiver, carrying pouch and manual.

Venus Pro DS-2833 Box Contents
Venus Pro DS-2833 Box Contents

Design & Build Quality

The Venus Pro DS-2833 feels nicely planted and well-balanced on my table. There is no rocking or unevenness as I apply pressure to the right and left sides of the mouse.

venus pro 2833 design

The mouse comes in at around 126 grams, which isn’t very light or heavy. Since the mouse glides so well, I don’t really notice the weight of the mouse that much. There is no option to add weights for those who like a heavier feel.

The mouse shell has a matte and textured type of finish, which is great for those with sweaty hands. I liked the added texture because the mouse felt more stable in hand. There are some glossy elements on the DPI adjustor buttons, triple click button and the transition area between the rear of the mouse and the front of the mouse to freshen the look.

venus pro 2833 underside

The bottom of the mouse has a slot which houses the USB wireless receiver. There’s also a profile switch button, which switches between polling levels. A button slider turns the mouse off, on, or on with RGB lighting. There are four mouse feet which allow for effortless gliding across flat surfaces.


There are so many buttons on here that I don’t even have all of them programmed. We have the standard right and left click buttons, a scroll wheel, which is clickable, and top and bottom adjustable DPI buttons. There is also a narrow fire button to the left of the left-click button, which functions as a triple-click button to highlight content when not being used in a game.

venus pro ds-2833 buttons

Where this mouse stands out is with the 12 programmable side buttons. Of course, other gaming mice have programmable side buttons too, but not always. The Venus Pro DS-2833 comes with 12 programmable buttons, which can be used for gaming-related commands or productivity commands. For example, I’ve set some buttons to turn off RGB so that I can leave the mouse on RGB mode with the button switch but still manually turn off RGB if I want without flipping the mouse over. The buttons can also be set for multimedia use, adjusting DPI, launching email, calculator, etc. I did not find any option to launch specific software with these buttons, which would have been a great addition.

The buttons can also be disabled if you find yourself mistakenly clicking or hitting them. I noticed that I pressed them a few times initially since I wasn’t used to using a mouse with that many side buttons. Once I got acquainted, I didn’t press them mistakenly. The side buttons are stacked in a wave position so you can tell which button row you are on, which is a nice touch. The 5 and 8 buttons also have a small bump like you’d find on the f and j keys on a keyboard to get you oriented when you have your finger over them.

The scroll wheel has hard increment stops and textured circular threading to enable reliable scrolling each time.

The clicking noise isn’t too loud if you’ll be gaming late at night or if you want to use this mouse in a quieter environment. While the click is very tactile, it has a somewhat hollow sound that is pleasing compared to high-pitched clicks.


Coming from the Logitech MX 3S and Logitech Lift mice, which have great ergonomics, the Venus Pro DS-2833 fares pretty well. They’ve included a small thumb rest just under the 12 programmable side buttons, which is a good start. However, it is a bit narrow because once your thumb rests on the side buttons, it extends past the thumb rest a little. This is likely not a big issue for gamers and only stands out to me because I’m more on the productivity side, and I’m judging a gaming mouse.

With my hand and fingers resting on the mouse, my middle finger extends just 1 or 2 cm over, so my hand and fingers feel stable. I’d say this mouse is suited for medium-sized hands. If you have larger hands, you can still use it, but you may need to use a claw-style grip, or you’ll find your fingers extending a bit over the mouse. Overall, the mouse feels good in the hand with the textured finish and is comfortable for long-duration use.

RGB Lighting

Venus Pro DS-2833 RGB Lighting
Venus Pro DS-2833 RGB Lighting

If you’re into RGB, it looks good but lacks full customization. RGB lights are a blanket change across the mouse; you cannot set specific colors for different elements. So if you chose green, it would show green on the logo, mouse scroll wheel, front of the mouse and side programmable buttons. However, the LED color for the DPI indicator always remains red for some reason.

Venus Pro Software - Lighting Settings
Venus Pro Software – Lighting Settings

RGB modes can be set to static/steady, respiration/breathing and neon/rainbow. When the mouse is set to a static color, the LED brightness can be adjusted. When set to breathing or respiration mode, the speed can be adjusted, but not the brightness. When set to neon or the cycling rainbow mode, no brightness or speed settings are available. So there’s definitely room to add to the RGB customization settings.

Gaming Performance

I normally play FPS games, and I didn’t notice any issues with the Venus Pro DS-2833 mouse. I don’t have ultra-fast, twitch-like reflexes, so those who do may notice some latency or click lag. However, for casual Warzone, Fortnite and Quake gaming, I found the performance very capable.

If you play games where issuing tons of commands or using macros is a must, this is perfect for those games. I didn’t find myself needing most of the programmable buttons for FPS use, aside from assigning reload, sprint and crouching.

I didn’t experience any click issues, and I could glide easily for 180 turns. The mouse worked reliably for my casual gaming use, but it doesn’t offer the lowest latency out there.

Battery Life

The battery life hasn’t been stellar so far because I keep RGB on all the time when I use the mouse. Once the mouse is left untouched, the RGB lights do turn off after inactivity, but I wish that the inactivity period could be adjusted or disabled outright if I decide to use the mouse plugged in all the time.

Venus Pro Gaming Mouse DS-2833

I experienced around a couple of days of battery life before I had to recharge the mouse, which also brings me to the battery life indicator. There are no indicator lights on the mouse to let you know your battery level status. I would have liked to see the DPI indicator lights be optionally set to show battery life increments of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% battery life since there are 4 LEDs there. If you mostly have your DPI set and don’t adjust it often, that would be a good way to check battery life. Alternatively, a modifying button, such as pressing the side button one and a DPI button, can show battery life, or pressing both the DPI Up and Down buttons could show it using the DPI indicator lights.

The charging port is located at the front of the mouse. Btw as a tip, if you hate plugging in your mouse all the time, you can buy a magnetic USB Type C head like this, then just magnetically attach the cable when charging. It comes in so handy because it just quickly snaps magnetically without fiddling around to plug it into the charging port.


The Venus Pro software’s Main tab allows for adjusting the polling rate, checking battery life and assigning programming to the 12 side buttons. The Advanced tab allows for setting custom DPI increments, mouse sensitivity, scrolling speed and double click speed. Btw, the software is only compatible with Windows systems.

The mouse does have onboard memory.

Venus Pro Software Settings
Venus Pro Software Settings


Venus Pro DS-2833 Gaming Mouse

The design is pleasing, it feels good in the hand with the textured finish, and the RGB nicely complements the mouse and gets pretty bright too. I’ve been using the mouse while typing out this review and using it to edit photos in Photoshop, and I’ve quickly adapted to using it over my daily driver mouse.

This is an awesome option for gaming and even for productivity use with the number of programmable buttons and how easily it glides.

Coming in under $50 and with a PixArt PAW3335 sensor, it’s a great price. There are other offerings out there with the same sensor that cost almost double the price, so you can’t go wrong.


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